About The Luxury Watch Xchange

About Us

The Luxury Watch Xchange is an international company that operates worldwide, specifically focusing on pre-owned, rare, luxury watches. 
It all began in 1981 in Munich, Germany, where the founder of The Luxury Watch Xchange started manufacturing high-end jewellery, as well as selling new and pre-owned luxury timepieces to high net worth individuals. Soon after, he discovered his passion for rare timepieces and began building up his own collection, which included many rare collector’s pieces. To this day, the founder is still collecting these rare timepieces, that are almost impossible for anyone to attain.

In 1993 he met Franck Muller, who at the time, was only known amongst the watch collector society. He quickly developed a friendship with Franck and his family, which then resulted in him becoming Franck Muller’s agent for Germany, Austria, the Netherlands as well as for Liechtenstein. Here he built up the concessionaires retail network and began distributing Franck Muller watches in addition to his core business.

In 1984 the founder’s father told him a family story that ended with the quote “time flies”. In the same year, he discovered his second passion in life: flying.

Watches and aeroplanes are a profound symbol of success and luxury to be appreciated by like-minded people. He realized that in order to be successful one must be passionate and do everything with precision. This was the key to his success. All the knowledge that he gained over the years, and the trust that he earned, helped him to build up his worldwide customer network. With more than 35 years of experience in new and pre-owned watches, we can ensure that we are the most trustworthy company for you to sell your luxury timepieces to.

Authenticity and Valuations

The Luxury Watch Xchange is committed to the integrity of the luxury watch industry and will not buy or sell watches that are replicas or contain inauthentic parts. The Luxury Watch Xchange is a trusted name in the industry, therefore, we take fraud extremely seriously. All watches are carefully evaluated and authenticated by our Swiss-trained watchmaker before we consider purchasing any pre-owned watches for sale.

Our Swiss-trained watchmaker is trained to identify any indication that a watch may not be authentic. If fraud is detected, The Luxury Watch Xchange will confiscate the watch so that it is no longer in circulation and report the fraud to law enforcement authorities to identify the source of the fraudulent watch.


Meet Our Swiss Trained German Watchmaker